Chris Proulx

Chris loves comics! Not as much as his wife and kids but they are a close second! Chris was bitten by the comic bug in the mid 80’s via Marvel’s G.I. Joe series. In high school Brett introduced him to the X-Men and with the birth of the Image universe he became a full blown addict! In 2002 he realized a lifelong dream of opening a comic shop with his best friend and brother.

Scott Proulx

Co-Owner Scott, Chris’ younger, much handsomer, brother, is a comic and board game nerd. His favorite board game is Ticket to Ride. Scott has been a Superman buff since the Death of Superman in 1992. His love of comics started with G.I. Joe and Transformers and he took the plunge into The Amazing Spider-Man in the late 80s. Scott can be seen at the store on Tuesday nights and on weekends.

Brett Parker

Wolverine and the X-Men were Brett’s gateway into the comic world when he was in third grade. Today, although they remain on the top of his reading list, he has definitely branched out. From the dark and dreadful Walking Dead to the classic heroes Captain America and Batman to the more obscure Fear Agent, he tries to cover all comic bases. Other all-time favorites include Preacher, Kingdom Come, and 100 Bullets. Brett also loves movies (both watching and making) and going on adventures with his family.

Tony Houst

Tony been playing Magic and Pokemon since the late 90’s, playing at DMC since 2008, and working with us since 2016 as Manager and resident card game expert and judge. They love quirky and interesting comics, Moon Knight, and Dungeons and Dragons. You can catch them throughout the week, workshop a new deck you’re building, or geek out about the art and story of pretty much anything.

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