We carry a variety of collectible card games including Magic, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh! and non-collectible card games such as Cards Against Humanity, Superfight, Fantasy Flight Games Living Card Games (Star Wars, Netrunner, Arkham Horror and many more!). We regularly stock starter and booster packs and also offer single cards for most games.

Our more expensive cards for various games will be in our display cases, while we have binders for less expensive cards behind the counter. Looking for commons and uncommons to fill out your deck? We have a variety for various games that you are welcome to go through to find those cards you need! Additionally, we carry collectible miniatures such as Hero Clix. As with the collectible card games we stock starter and booster packs and we offer single miniatures.

To help keep your games in mint condition we offer supplies including boxes, card sleeves, deck boxes and binders to organize your collection.

Our Gaming Philosophy

At Double Midnight we strongly believe that games are meant to be fun. Competition is great but it’s important not to let it get out of hand. We stress sportsmanship and don’t tolerate trash talking between players. So come on in, grab a seat and have some fun!

Special Orders

While we try to stock a variety of games and supplies it’s near impossible to stock everything available. If there is something you’re looking for please ask because more than likely we can special order it for you.

The Arena

Our Gaming Arena is one of the largest in the area. The Arena is open for gaming a half hour after opening and stays open until a half hour before closing. Seating is limited to capacity and may not be available during large tournaments.

The Arena

We are an officially recognized venue for Magic, Hero Clix, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon and others. Join us for one of our regularly scheduled tournaments and win exclusive prizes! The gaming schedule is posted below. Entry fees apply to different games and are noted on the schedule.

Gaming Schedule – Manchester

  • Sunday: Pokemon @ 12:30
  • Tuesday: Tabletop Tuesdays – Board Games, Roleplaying and Heroclix (Click for build info) at 6; MTG Modern at 7
  • Wednesday: Dungeons & Dragons
  • Thursday:Magic Commander at 7, X-Wing League 6pm
  • Friday: Friday Night Magic: “Starter” Standard at 4pm for newer players; Friday Night Magic: Draft & Standard at 7
  • Saturday: Dragon Ball Z at 12:00, Yu-Gi-Oh tournament at 12:30, Heroclix (Click for build info) at 3

Gaming Schedule – Concord

  • Sunday: Heroclix (Click for build info)Bi-Weekly
  • Wednesday: Magic Draft at 7pm, Star Wars X-Wing
  • Thursday: Magic Standard at 7pm, Dungeons & Dragons
  • Friday: Friday Night Magic Draft & Modern at 7
  • Saturday: Pokemon League at 11