You can check out some of the comics being given away on May 6th at the official Free Comic Book Day website!

Everyone will be loaded up with Free Comics and we’ll have ways for you to get even more Free Comics by making a donation to the Hero Initiative!

We also have special incentives for the first 100 people in line!

  • First in Line: You’re Number 1 Package
  • First 5 in Line: Early Risers Package
  • First 10 in Line: The Top 10 Package
  • First 15 in Line: Marvel Omnibus
  • First 25 in Line :¬†Marlve Projects TP
  • First 50 in Line: Marvelous Pack
  • First 100 in Line:¬†Sara Richard Exclusive

In addition, certain people at certain spots in line will receive even more prizes. We’re keeping those numbers quiet. We have tons of amazing prizes to give away, so remember, the early bird gets the prize (that’s how it’s said, right??).


Have you heard of our Ultimate DMC FCBD Raffles taking place this year? Instead of holding one HUGE raffle, we will have a winner every 30 minutes! Prizes include: convention passes, autograph packs, exclusives, action figures/statues and one lucky winner will get the 15th Anniversary prize pack! So, how can you get in on this year’s raffle? Here’s how you can get your chances at entering the raffle:

1) Come to this year’s Free Comic Book Day event! The earlier you show up, you have more chances at prizes!
2) Get additional entries for $1 a piece or 20 for $10! 100% of the proceeds will go to the Hero Initiative!

It’s that simple! We will have volunteers going around to everyone in line to get them entered (by name and email). You don’t have to be at the shop when we announce the winner but if you are there, that just means you’ll get your prize faster! So come down early for this year’s event and you could win! And winners will be chosen from 10:30am until 7:00pm, every 30 mins!